Friday, October 5, 2012

Blogging Haven of Obedience: Chapter Forgy

Chapter Four opens at precisely seven thirty with our benevolent cast entering the reception room for speeches. In an internal monologue we hear that Simon is a shitty freelance journalist, so naturally, he became a sadist in order to sexually punish those who were successful in their life dreams. Sort of like the girl who wanted to grow up to be a lawyer, but due to her father’s crack addiction couldn’t afford university so instead prostitutes herself out to forty year old men who can’t otherwise get laid. But you know, different. We also get ourselves a very rare and sought after description of our main character, Natalie, who we learn has “Long wavy blonde hair” and a “slender figure”. The vivid imagery jumps straight from the page, and then molests you the way a forty year old man touches a seventeen year old prostitute. I’m not sure what that metaphor actually entails, but let’s assume that paragraph is suitably mocked. The sensual description is too much for poor Simon and his “manhood” fangasms over Natalie’s legs. That’s not to say that Natalie’s legs were caught in the crossfire of any bodily fluids –that comes later- but that her legs were the subject of Simon’s thoughts. As the audience to the remarkable display of excitement, we are left wondering how a man who gets off so very easily and quickly, can get a job to have sex with beautiful and attractive woman for a living. The plot thickens further when Simon’s manhood develops personal feelings for Natalie on the grounds that she is a more successful journalist than he.

Conveniently for the plot Simon is allocated to be Natalie’s tutor, alongside the presumably titillating Heather and salacious Chris. Simon steers any conversation with his group away from sex in order to “keep them on edge” and to confuse them, which apparently makes them “easier to control.” He then leads them to a sex-room with “no central light, only wall lights” as “part of Simon’s strategy for disorienting the visitors”. Completely baffled by the highly unusually and very complex lighting of the room Chris, Natalie and Heather can not even utter a word of protest when ordered to undress, which they do with brainwashed-fascist efficiency.

 Wall lights! Now'll she won't be able to NOT have sex with me!

After thoroughly describing Chris’s hobbies and exercise regime, the author remembers what type of book she is writing and quickly adds the sentence “He also had an enormous cock.” We expected no less from the man. Simon chastises Chris for his history of being far too quick “off the mark”, seemingly forgetting that earlier that evening he had jizzed in his own pants by merely looking at a woman’s legs. But ignore Simon’s hypocrisy, something sexy is about to happen!

Heather is ordered to “use your mouth on him until he’s hard”. How very sexy! But Heather disagrees and looks at Simon in horror, “I don’t even know him. That’s not something that I do-” Quite sensibly actually, did Chris even put on a condom? What if he has herpes? The action is diverted from the sexy transmission of disease and back to Natalie, who Simon realises is his perfect idea of a woman. Natalie –for once- doesn’t argue after being told to rub herself against Chris. We’re shocked too. Natalie is then moved to a bed in the room and placed on all fours, perspiration runs down her spine, sexy, sexy perspiration. The perspiration is just the beginning of the sexy fun, and Simon details a sexy game that Natalie must sexily play. She must race to orgasm before Chris does despite being in the horrific doggy-style position, otherwise she’ll be punished! Naturally, Natalie responds by wishing with every fibre of her being not be there and is completely horrified. But of course, and this should go without saying by now, she is very aroused as “all her nerve endings seemed to be jangling in expectation”. We assume here that ‘jangling’ isn’t referring to a sound, but a very sensual physical feeling. Natalie also reveals that she had almost come before just by rubbing herself against Chris’s back, even with her underwear still on. Regular sex though, that just isn’t good enough.
Suddenly, “With one quick thrust [Chris] was deep insider her, his enormous erection stretching her so much that it was almost painful”. Yummy.

Chris is told to slow down to give Natalie a chance to win her game, but Chris has the sportsmanship of a five year old and whines that “I’ve already had to wait” before erupting violently inside of Natalie. Just now I realise that previous sentence may have conjured up the image of a five year old having sex. Don’t do that. Due to her loss at the sexy game, Natalie will later have to be punished. Our heart goes out to her. Chris is then told to give Heather pleasure; Nat and Simon need to forcefully spread Heather’s legs apart so Chris can “flick at” her G-Spot with his inhumanly long tongue. Heather comes three seconds later, and she and Chris both depart with pitying looks to leave Simon and Natalie intimately alone. It’s time for her punishment.
Simon orders Natalie to bend over a stool, but she refuses and insists on being told what will come of her. Simon becomes agitated with Natalie and states “I don’t think you like taking [orders] at all”. He quickly backs off, because this is clearly something a dominator –teaching a person to be submissive- should never say. Too far man, too far. From this conversation Natalie decides Simon is very detached, and therefore very good in bed. Not the fact that he has a job as a dominator at a sex seminar.

Natalie finally relents and bends over the stool and is smothered with oil. This feels delicious. Simon then whips her on the buttocks with a latex crop, to which Natalie responds “That hurt!”. Simon replies, “It was meant to hurt. You’re being punished remember.” You can almost smell the rolling of the eyes. After being spanked a few times Natalie decides that it, in fact, feels great and tries in vain to masturbate herself against the stool. From here on there is the repeated use of “nub” and “sex lips”, possibly the least sexy euphemisms since “meat tunnel”. Despite the poor choice of words, Natalie’s “muscles slithered, coiled and gathered themselves together in a tight knot before dissolving into a blissfully intense orgasm that flooded through every inch of her body.”

This traumatic experience will certainly ensure that Natalie will try with all her effort to not be punished. And with that, Chapter Four comes to a blissful ending.

New Vocab:
Tiny, hard, little nub: we’re not sure if it’s meant to be tiny or just little.

Prediction for Chapter Five:
Natalie will fall further in love with the dreamy Simon, but still fail to grasp the concept of why she is here. This will eventuate in her being continuously punished… yet pleasured.
Alternatively: Simon, who is into tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed women; who has a great appreciation for hierarchical command structures; who has a desire to command and dominate; and has a diabolical psychological knowledge of how to disorient and confuse people, will continue to develop Nazi-esque traits until it is ultimately revealed that the Haven is in fact a neo-fascist propaganda camp!

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