Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blogging Haven of Obedience: Chapter Threesome

Six weeks later Natalie is driving herself to The Haven, found in Sussex, presumably because it has the word ‘sex’ in it. Filled with nerves, Natalie would have turned back if it weren’t for the fact that Jan had “risked everything by putting her forward”- a concept that still fails to make any sense. Upon arriving at The Haven, we are disappointed by how mundane it is, accept for a maniacally grinning receptionist. We are then treated with a riveting description of the carpet, so at least we know that Natalie’s feet are in for a good time.

To Natalie’s surprise, she is asked to wait in her room for one of the instructors, rather than be immediately ushered into a room full of other guests- perhaps for an orgy. After a sadly non-descriptive shower scene a “tall, dark man” comes to see her for a quick interview. Forgetting his pen, Simon looks for one and we are then treated to the most engaging description in the book yet. “Use mine.” Natalie tells him, before recounting an epic tale spanning the entirety of the pen’s lifetime. Uninterested in not-so-small-talk about pens, Simon jumps right to the end of the chase and asks Natalie when she last orgasmed. Natalie, attending a super secret sex seminar in Sussex to become a submissive is clearly shocked to be asked such a sexually-oriented question and refuses to discuss it. She doesn’t believe that it is any business of theirs, forgetting that their business is to run a super secret sex seminar in Sussex to train submissives. 

Once Simon makes it clear that she either must obey him, or leave the Haven, she reluctantly answers his question. Natalie informs us that she hasn’t masturbated for over two months due to a lack of time. Apparently she is far too busy either working or drinking large quantities of wine. Simon heavily implies that Natalie must be a terrible lover, because she doesn’t “keep in practice”. He orders her to undress and to sit in a creepy masturbation chair.

 Googling "Masturbation Chair" resulted in the creepy...

 The horrifying...

 And the strangely New Zealand.

It is now that we discover that this “dark” man actually has a “very pale complexion”, but ignore that inconsistency, he has “wonderful cheekbones”. Wordlessly, Simon arranges Natalie so her whole vulva is on view. Ordered to masturbate, Natalie blurts out in shock and horror- partly at the fact that he wants her to masturbate in front of him, but also because he wants her to masturbate in a way she isn’t use to. Natalie is feeling highly embarrassed, “very awkward” “and trapped”, she wants to “weep with humiliation”, her hands are “damp with nervousness” and the whole situation is “almost unbearable”. Fortunately for Natalie she strokes her breast lightly, once, and all her worries instantly disappear and she starts gyrating. In fact, she is so turned on you can now sail not seven, but eight seas, and Natalie quickly becomes frustrated when Simon doesn’t let her masturbate right away. When finally allowed to touch herself, Natalie’s nipples stand out proudly and her “sex lips” open up. While Natalie shoots herself to a “violent orgasm” we are left wondering if “Sex Lips” is the least sexy euphemism since “Bearded Clam”. Thinking euphemisms couldn’t get any worse we are then exposed to Natalie’s “tight nub” and the “soft channel inside her outer sex lips”.

With our first masturbation scene of the book over we move onto more innocent topics- Natalie’s favourite sex position. We are not surprised that it is “on top” where she can have “the most control”. Natalie again finds a reason to be shocked and appalled when the possibility of bondage is mentioned, apparently forgetting again that she is at a super secret sex seminar in Sussex to become a submissive. Simon is frustrated by Natalie’s stupidity and wonders how she even ever found out about The Haven. Natalie weaves a carefully constructed lie, making sure to omit any reference of Jan who isn’t allowed to tell anyone about The Haven. That is, of course, until she does tell. Which apparently never mattered in the first place.

Upon Simon’s departure, Natalie decides to go on a stroll around the grounds. In the hallway she hears some “strange guttural noises”, and ignoring the clear parallels with some sort of gory horror movie, decides to investigate. What she finds does not disappoint- a blindfolded, handcuffed and stark-naked man. Sadly for us, he is not being brutally murdered, but is rather getting a blowjob from the manically grinning receptionist. After watching for a perversely long time, the chapter closes with Natalie left frightened and highly aroused.

New Vocab:
Sex Lips: Uh, um… her labia?
Tight Nub: Clitoris?
Soft channel inside her outer sex lips: The bit between her Labia Majora and Labia Minora?

Plot Holes:
Is worried about revealing that Jan told her about The Haven, even though it is advertised through word of mouth and Jan was Natalie’s sponsor.

Prediction for Chapter Four:
Natalie will continue to struggle with the concepts of BDSM, Bondage and Submission. She will be humiliated, embarrassed and hurt, but still aroused. Despite having a dreadful time, she will be determined to continue. Meanwhile, the manically grinning receptionist will begin to torture and ultimately murder the guests, one by one, until only she, Natalie, Simon and Jan remain.

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