Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stallion in the Night (Part Three)


“Mia we have evaluated your situation, and we think it is best to get you back in the field as quickly as possible.” Mia sat across from the Grand Matriarch of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Witches.[1] It had been a week since some of the Sisterhood had plucked her by magic from her tumble to apparently-not-so-certain doom. “I have an assignment for you that I think will take your mind off this dreadful turn of events. We think that a Weather Witch in Wales has been up to no good – it has been sleeting in some parts for months with no end…” The Grand Matriarch trailed off when she noticed Mia’s blank, uninterested stare. “No you’re right. That’s just goat-shit boring isn’t it?[2] How about something a little more…high profile? Something that’s bound to get you noticed, perhaps line you up for a promotion?”

That caught Mia’s attention. She had been stuck investigating alliterative crap like the Weather Witch in Wales for years now. But that was not why Mia - witch and Paranormal Investigator (PI) - had joined the Sisterhood. Noticing the PI’s interest, the Grand Matriarch handed her a manila case file and began to brief her.

“There have been a series of mysterious slayings in the small Irish village of Gnéas Capall, and we suspect that there is paranormal activity involved.” She explained. “There have been eleven murders so far. Five of the victims appear to have been trampled to death, three had their throats ripped out, there were two cases of defenestration, and one victim died after being violently nuzzled.”

Mia’s interest was fully piqued now, and perhaps even a little aroused.

“Preliminary investigations have made it clear that a human did not commit the slaughters. If these occurrences are, in fact, supernatural, you know that it is Sisterhood’s job to deal with it quickly and discreetly, ensuring that no… normal… people find out. I trust that you will be able to handle the situation effectively.”

“You won’t be disappointed,” Mia reassured the Grand Matriarch, “I will get results”.

“I’m sure you will. And Mia, don’t be too hard on yourself, try to have some fun. Who knows, you might even find another special someone- a bare-chested highlander perhaps?” The Grand Matriarch gave a raunchy wink.

Mia paused, she had not really considered such matters as of yet, after all, Sophie had only been gone a week. But now, confronted by the Grand Matriarch’s wink – that had progressed to suggestive pelvic gyrations – Mia’s thoughts shifted to the aforementioned “matters”. Perhaps a handsome, bare-chested highlander was what she needed to take her mind off things, or at least, his eight inch cock.

“I’ll do my best,” Mia said sincerely.

[1] Like the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants, only different.
[2] Because we all know goat shit is more boring than bat shit.

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