Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stallion in the Night (Part One)

Or, Writing your Friends into a Threesome

The horse reared up in front of her car- hooves a-flailing, nostrils a-flaring and mouth a-frothing. Mia let out a thin wordless Bella-esque cry of horror, and covered her face in fear. The stallion’s Aryan white coat glistened in the light of the super moon.[1] Groping tree branches enshrouded the horse in a moving sea of grotesque shadows.

“Pull yourself together, stupid lead female” Mia chided herself. “I’m the main character; I need to act more like a man in order to empower women. None of this emotional nonsense.”

After delivering herself a tight slap – the kind she thought every woman needed now and then – she flicked on her indicator and drove around the horse. The horse increased its flailing in a pathetic effort to recapture the horror of the moment, but it soon became a mere distant speck in Mia’s rear vision mirror.

She’d have to be braver than that to face the trials before her, Mia thought to herself. She’d need the courage, determination and strength not usually associated with her gentler sex in order to prevail. And prevail she would.

“Focus. Keep your eye on the prize. Remember why you’re here.” She breathed to herself. “Remember what happened last time you got distracted”. And with that, Mia’s mind floated to other places, places far in her past.

.[1] A full moon made cooler by the fact that it is the closest to Earth the moon can get.

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