Friday, July 20, 2012

Stallion in the Night (Part Two)


Sophie reached over and caressed Mia’s cheeks, her fingers like the delicate wings of a butterfly.”Not now Sophie,” Mia whispered reluctantly to her lesbian lover, “I’ve got to concentrate on this long, wet, moist [2] road.”

“You’ve been driving for hours,” sighed Sophie. “You need to relax a little. This assignment will be an easy one. Let yourself go for a moment.”

Mia tried to focus on the road, but the feel of Sophie’s hand brushing against her neck, then trailing down to graze her thigh made her giddy with anticipation. Sophie’s warm touch honed in and began a soothing, rhythmic motion- Mia bit her lip to draw her attention away. As Sophie’s pace increased, Mia’s breaths became short and sharp, her heart pounding in her chest. Sophie gave a devilishly cheeky grin and Mia couldn’t help but to laugh, “Oh, you are a naughty girl aren’t you!”

Mia let herself slip away, she had had a mixture of hard drugs before, but this was so much better. Sophie’s frantic strumming reverberated throughout her body, the bright colours of ecstasy danced in front of her eyes.
“Me haces mojada. Me muero de gana” she screamed in unadulterated pleasure.

“What language is that, baby?” Sophie panted.

Mia let out a blissful squeal, “I don’t even know!”

Too late, Mia realised that she had not been concentrating on the road for at least nine seconds. Painfully, she forced herself to open her eyes and look to the road, only to realise that not just the front window, but all the windows had fogged up from their heavy, passionate breathing. At that moment the car hit a bump in the road and they swerved out of control. Both Mia and Sophie were screaming now, and not out of pleasure. Mia tried hopelessly to regain control of the vehicle, but to no avail. They hit another bump, larger this time, and the car flipped dramatically. After what seemed like a lifetime of being tossed around – like Chinese noodles in a wok- the car came to a grating halt.

Mia released her pent-up breath, “Oh thank goodness! I’m alive! Sophie! Are you all right!? Sophie?” Panicking once more, Mia struggled to turn her head to see the passenger seat. It was empty, and the passenger door had been ripped from its hinges.

“SOPHIE?” Mia yelled with the hysteria reserved for all caps, “SOPHIE!? WHERE ARE YOU?”

She tore off her seat belt and pulled herself from the wreckage. She spun around in a frenzy trying to locate her lost lover. Still dizzy from the accident, it took her a moment to notice where they were. The car had come to a halt on the edge of a precipice, the passenger side hanging precariously over a deep ravine.

Mia stood there, momentarily frozen in breathless horror, before sprinting to the cliff’s edge. It took all her willpower, but she managed to lean over the abyss. If she had not already been in a breathless horror, what she saw would have taken her breath away. Sophie lay nestled below, caught in the branches of a small tree growing from the side of the cliff, a mighty gash upon her forehead menstruated blood.

“Oh God! Sophie! Don’t move! I’m coming to get you!” Mia cried out, and without a moments hesitation began the hazardous decent to her beloved Sophie. Below her, Sophie began to stir.

“Watch out! Don’t move Sophie! Don’t move!”

Regaining consciousness, Sophie quickly realised the gravity of her situation; or more precisely, the situation gravity could put her in. Trying not to look down, Sophie kept her eyes on her descending lover, sneaking the occasional look up her skirt and at her killer legs.

Mia clung desperately to the cliff-face, inching downwards with painstaking care. Her foot brushed a loose patch of rocks, and a scattering of pebbles tumbled into the ravine. Distant… ploppings were heard.

‘At least the water could break her fall’ Mia thought, her heart pounding furiously against her perky D-cups. She quickly dashed the notion from her mind; she would never let Sophie fall. As Mia searched for her next precarious foothold, the branch holding Sophie gave a portentous creak. She heard Sophie whimpering in terror.

Mia was scrabbling to find purchase on the treacherous surface when she felt her shoe begin to slip from her foot. Her heel crept out of the shoe millimetre by millimetre. Soon the millimetres became centimetres, and the centimetres became decimetres, but the decimetres did not become metres, for Mia’s foot was not that large, and so with that, the shoe fell. The nine-inch stiletto heel plummeted in a spiral of doom, the air around it whistling as it plunged like a blade of death – right into Sophie’s eye.

“Oh mother of fuuuuuuu-!” Sophie shrieked, horrified at the absurdity of her own demise.

“Poppycock!” Mia cussed, tears welling in her eyes as her beloved disappeared down the mighty ravine.


Mia let out an anguished cry of grief, “No! Sophie! Nooooo!” She scrambled down the cliff, no longer caring for her own safety, all she wanted was to get down to Sophie. Sophie had landed in the water. There was still a chance she had survived. There was still hope. As Mia clambered down the rock face she noticed something, something distant, something small, but something. She could feel the slightest of vibrations coming from her handholds, as well as a far away wailing being carried by the wind.

It grew nearer.

Mia’s eyes widened with fright, as small rocks and stones were shaken from the cliff face. The wailing grew stronger. Angrier. Looking down into the ravine, Mia saw a mass of fur and teeth loom towards where Sophie had fallen. The noise became a deafening roar, and Mia had to hold on with all her might to not be shaken from the cliff face.

“What is this?” breathed Mia in horrified awe, straining her eyes to see what was below.

Bears. Thousands upon thousands of bears stampeding through the canyon. A literal sea of bears, all converging towards Sophie.

‘Could this be real?’ Mia asked herself, ‘Was it her and not Sophie that had plummeted down the abyss? Was there even an abyss at all? Was this some sort of coma-induced nightmare from the crash?’

Mia looked back down at the mass of bears careening through the canyon hundreds of feet below her. If this was a dream, could she die? If this was reality, was there any point of living without Sophie? Making a decision, Mia let herself fall backwards into the abyss.

[2] Yes, this is intended to be sexual.

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