Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stallion in the Night (Part Five)


Mia sighed with satisfaction, slipping The Clitoriser back into its box. She’d had her play, now it was time for some work. Equipped with some dark sunglasses and a trench coat to hide her identity, a leather whip for protection (or pleasure), and some Sisterhood of Travelling Witches standard issue jeans for good luck, Mia was ready for action. Mia set out like any detective in search of information, and –unable to decide between the pubs- made her way to the bar.

Inside, it was filled with a haze of cigarette smoke so thick that she couldn’t see the fire exit signs she assumed she would have to use. Sliding up to the bar, Mia caught the attention of the bartender with a quick flash of her tits, before ordering a schooner of Extra Stout Guinness Beer.[1] Mia took a swig of her beer before turning to the man seated on the stool next to her. He was alternating between taking sips from his glass of whiskey and tearing junks from an unwashed, raw potato. Taking a deep breath, Mia put on her most charming smile, the type of smile that a tiger would give to a gazelle before devouring its children in front of it. This was as good a place to start as any.

With her oddly specific smile Mia began to make conversation, “Hi there, ‘tis a lovely town you have here.”

The drinker swallowed part of his potato before giving a small grunt in agreement, he didn’t look up from his whiskey. Mia widened her friendly smile and threw in some battering of the eyelids for extra effect, “I’m sure the people are lovely here too”.

The man crunched away at his potato for a long moment before nodding his head, but didn’t even turn to look at her. Mia sighed, she would have to turn up the heat on this interrogation, “You see, I just moved here, and I’m ever so lonely.” She gently placed her hand on top of the man’s crotch.

This got his attention, and whiskey and potato spluttered from his mouth in surprise. “I’m new to this part of the world and I was wondering if …er…there was anything…odd or say mysterious I should be looking out for?” Mia simpered, exercising all her powers of subtlety. “Anything a big, strong man such as yourself could protect a feeble, young, desperate girl such as me from” she added.

“Funny you should say that, little Missy” the man said, puffing out his chest, “There have been a series of mysterious slayings of late. Slayings of the like that no man could be behind them.”

Mia feigned a gasp, and widened her eyes in faked fear.

“You see, Gnéas Capall is no ordinary village. Things happen here, mystifying things. Not just one week ago, O’Connell’s prize sheep gave birth to a two headed serpent, and O’Brian’s chickens were found inexplicably inside out! Mark my words; this is a town of magic. It is said that a demonic beast has been roaming the woods, sneaking into town under the light of the full moon, seeking for the blood of virgins. But don’t worry, no harm shall befall you, as long as you stick close by my side” he finished with a hearty wink.

“Trying to pick up again, are you Seamus?” a voice laughed from behind Mia, “If everything Seamus said were true we would have been overrun by Chupacabras and Yetis long ago, although, the milk has been oddly green of late.”

Turning, Mia’s heart began to palpitate-it was the highlander from the meadow! He winked at her knowingly.

“Nice to meet you properly” he said, extending a hand.

Mia felt herself growing red, unsure whether to be embarrassed or pleased that he recognised her. “You too,” she managed to say, shaking his hand. His grip was firm, his fingers strong; his hands slightly callused from work, yet gentle and loving. She imagined what it would feel like to have them roaming all over her naked body. She felt herself moisten down there.[2]

“The name’s Raphael” the highlander continued, his smile making Mia’s nipples harden.
“Oh!” exclaimed Mia, “How beautiful… yet manly. I’m Mia, I just moved here.”

Raphael roughly pushed Seamus of his seat, and sat down beside Mia. “I know. I’ve been with every woman in this town, and there is no way I could have missed a face as pretty as yours” he said, looking at her breasts. Mia felt her clitoris swell.

 ‘Oh, so he’s very experienced,’ thought Mia, ‘as well as very well endowed’ she added, noticing a promising bulge in the man’s tight leather pants. “You’re too kind” she swooned, her sex lips opening, “And I’m sure my face wouldn’t be the only thing you’d remember”.

They continued their playful banter over a number of drinks until the sun was beginning to set, and Mia’s panties were soaked right through and Raphael’s erection was threatening to tear through his pants. As her juices began to drip down her leg, Mia reluctantly knew it was time for her to leave; at least she’d be able to get a few more hours out of the Clitoriser tonight.

[1] Extra Stout Guinness: Crafted to perfection for over 200 years. Crack it open, and the first sip tastes as fresh as ever. The unmistakeable deep-dark colour. The crisp hint of roasted barley, the fresh breeze of hops. The refreshing bite. The bittersweet reward.
Pure beauty. Pure GUINNESS®. Buy one in a liquor store near you today!
[2] In her vagina.

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