Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stallion in the Night (Part Six)


The gentle whirring of Mia’s toys was interrupted by the chiming of clocks marking eleven. Mia quickly drew herself to yet another climax before packing up – she had work to do. She packed a bag with some binoculars, a flashlight, stakeout snacks, remote control vibrating panties in case she got bored, and a plethora of other tools-of-the-trade. Mia was ready for action. Tonight was another full moon, and the vicious beast behind the slayings would, without a doubt, be out in search of the blood of virgins. Surely the beast would be somewhere in the forest, like it had been the other night. Mia knew the perfect place to catch a glimpse of the monster, on her way into the village she had seen a secluded barn on the outskirts of town, and she was headed there now. From there she should be able to watch the beast while remaining hidden and safe.

Although Mia’s tightfitting leather pants and even tighter fitting leather top kept her concealed in the darkness, they did little to keep the cold out. Mia held herself tight, shivering as she felt her nipples grow hard from the cold. Two tell tale bumps emerged from beneath her shirt, like the noses of two mole rats poking out from the dirt towards the sun. It would almost have been embarrassing, but Mia was not worried, it was unlikely that she would be seen in her secluded barn by anyone – it was not as if she would find herself in the company of mysterious midnight visitor. At the thought, Mia felt a twinge betwixt her undergarments.[1]

Inside the barn, Mia climbed to the hayloft – here she would have a perfect view of the forest’s edge and the bordering town. Withdrawing a periscope from her sack, Mia began to scan the forest expectantly. What she soon saw, however, was very unexpected indeed. Raphael was strolling through the forest, and was heading straight to the barn! Mia quickly switched off her flashlight, held her breath and looked down at the barn below.

Raphael entered, carrying with him a large bail of hay. He effortlessly threw it atop a stack, his muscles rippling. Straightening up, Raphael began to unbutton his white shirt, which was near transparent from perspiration. Before she could stop herself, Mia let out an excited squeak. Looking up immediately, Raphael caught sight of her in the hayloft.

“Well, well, well. Back for more are we?” asked Raphael, one eyebrow raised.

Red with embarrassment, Mia climbed down from the loft sheepishly.

“You know this is private property right?” said Raphael, “You’re trespassing here.”

“Oh!” blushed Mia, “I’m so sorry. I was… um… bird watching.”

“I could call the police you know, or” he hesitated for a moment, “we could come up with a more personal punishment” Raphael pushed Mia roughly to her knees. Mia let out an excited ‘oh’.

This is what Mia wanted, what she needed – an erotically sensual experience to wipe out all her stress and worry. Raphael seemed like just the man for the job, but perhaps even more than just that. There was something between them; Mia could sense it, a spark of sorts. Perhaps she had finally found someone to fill the hole Sophie had left in her heart all those days ago.

“What are you going to do with me?” asked Mia, trying to sound scared, but her gyrating hips indicated otherwise. She looked up at him coquettishly, putting on her best “fuck me” eyes and subtly pushing her breasts together.[2]

“Well,” said Raphael sexily, “I think I’d better lock you up with these chains I have in my back pocket here, wouldn’t want you trying to escape your punishment now would I.”

Within moments Mia was chained up, spreadeagled across the barn wall, cuffed at her wrists and ankles. Raphael took a step back to admire his work, and Mia gave him her most devilishly seductive smile. ‘Now things were really heating up’ she thought.

“Hmm,” Raphael pondered, looking intently at Mia’s face, “It seems I forgot my gag.”

Mia motioned with her nose down to her pocket, “That’s alright” she laughed, “I always come prepared for any circumstances”

From her pocket, Raphael withdrew a chocolate flavoured ball gag and strapped it into position. “Now you’ve been a very naughty girl, haven’t you Mia,” chided Raphael, “What ever I shall I do with, to, you?”
Mia wanted desperately to speak against the ball gag, to beg for Raphael, to beg for his cock. She needed him to enter her, and quickly.[3] The seductive highlander stepped close to Mia, so close Mia could feel his breath against her skin, close enough that she could reach out with her tongue and taste him. She licked his face – it was delicious, like sex on a chocolate bed. Raphael let out a little chuckle as Mia struggled against her bonds to get closer, and began to unbutton her tight, frilly, leather shirt.[4] Withdrawing an Irish-Army Knife[5], Raphael cut through her studded, leather bra. Mia’s breasts sprung forth like matching jack-in-the-boxes – an astounding effort, considering that they were as hard as marble, and as perfectly sculpted.

“Ooh,” breathed Raphael at the wondrous sight, the bulge in his pants becoming noticeably larger. “Looks like I’m in danger, because you’ve got a pair of bazookas pointed right at me!”

Raphael’s witty comment made Mia feel the beginning of an orgasm sweep through her.

“Looks like my nipple clamps are only just going to be big enough” he said, fastening the metal prongs onto Mia’s prominent nipples.

Mia whimpered with delight, the pain mixing perfectly with the pleasure and excitement she was feeling elsewhere[6] in a near orgasmic sensation. Raphael leaned forward, leaving Mia breathless with the anticipation of what was to come. His soft hands worked their way across Mia’s body, brushing and massaging their way around her lower belly and down into her soaking panties. Her back arched in delight as she felt Raphael’s fingers slide up and down her slick channel.[7] A mischievous smile spread across Raphael’s face, and as he continued to work his left hand on Mia’s most delicate flower[8] in an almost magical fashion, he took out an old iron key from his pocket with his right. Mia’s eyes widened with confusion, and than widened even further, this time with shock, as the key quickly disappeared down her panties and she felt something cold and metallic enter her.[9] The jagged edges of the key massaged her most private opening[10] in the loveliest of fashions. Suddenly, and without warning, Raphael straightened up, took a step back and strode from the barn.

“I’ll be back at sunrise to unlock you,” he called as he exited the barn, waving back and laughing to himself.
‘Oh dear,’ Mia laughed to herself, ‘He really is a naughty boy, isn’t he.’ It was only seven short hours until night gave way to morning, and Mia knew she would be waiting every second in transfixed anticipation.

‘Or, on the other hand’ Mia speculated, ‘I could do something spontaneous, something naughty.’ Mia knew she had the magical means to escape these mere metal bonds; she could release herself and then sneak into Raphael’s bed to give him a ‘special morning surprise’.[11]

Mia searched deep inside of herself to find the power to shift the key from deep inside herself. She felt the power bubble in her lower pancreas and begin to burst forth, like pus from a squeezed pimple, like urine from a full bladder, or sperm from a stroked penis. Connected to this ancient and mystical source of witchiness, Mia was able to pull the metal key from her lower parts,[12] the rust grating against her sensitive insides almost bringing her to climax. Mia frowned; she had a better way to do this, a much better way. She pushed the key back inside and refocused her powers, this time not on the key but to the remote control to her vibrating panties. With a quick flick of a switch, Mia let the gentle vibrations flow through her body as she fell into the most blissful of dazes.

[1] In her vagina.
[2] Helpful Hint #1: This is done to better emphasise one’s cleavage, making one more appealing to the opposite sex. This does not work if you are male, unless they’re into that (which they aren’t).
[3] In her vagina.
[4] You might think this must be the ugliest piece of clothing in the world, but we assure you it is sex manifest.
[5] Like a Swiss Army Knife, but Irish. Includes necessary tools like corkscrew, an assortment of knives and potato peeler.
[6] In her vagina.
[7] Her vagina.
[8] Her vagina.
[9] In her vagina.
[10] Her vagina.
[11] Sex. In her vagina.
[12] Her vagina.

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